Frequently Asked Questions

What is the submission method and requirement?
Please refer to pages 3-5 of the Competition Document for details.
What are design concept illustrations?
Design concept illustrations are the required Entry specification of the Senior Secondary Group. Participants are expected to present their imaginations to the theme “Sustainable City of the Future” on a hand-drawn and/or computer-aided design concept illustrations in one no. of A2-size (420 x 594mm) or two nos. of A3-size (297 x 420mm). Participants may make use of visual elements and/or supplementary diagrams/drawings to demonstrate their ideas on the key features, characteristics, initiatives and details of the future living environment and lifestyle on the Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands. Supplementary textual descriptions can be provided in the Entry to allow elaboration of the concepts in greater details.
Are there any specific style and content required for the 1-minute video of the Senior Primary Group?
Participants can freely express their ideas and imagination on the theme “Green Living and Healthy Community” in the 1-minute long video. Participants are allowed to use any type of filming equipment. There is no restrictions on the presentation style of the video (e.g. story-telling, short film, documentary, advertisement, music video, interview and animation) and text, graphics and/or multimedia arts can also be supplemented in the video. The video must be in MP4 format, in a minimum resolution of 720p and in an aspect ratio of 16:9.
Can Participants submit more than one Entry for the Competition?
No, each Participant can only submit one Entry, including the one submitted by a group.
Will the Organisers acknowledge the receipt of the submitted Entries?
No, the Organisers will not issue the acknowledgement of receipt for Participants.
Is this Competition free of charge?
Yes, it is free of charge to join the Competition.
Will the Organisers be responsible for the postal fee?
Participants shall pay for the postal fee on his/her behalf.
Can overseas students participate in this Competition?
Participants must be students of primary schools or secondary schools in Education Bureau’s School Lists.
Can the Organisers provide more information about the Study on the Artificial Islands in the Central Waters?
Participants may visit the Competition Website or refer to Annex 1 of the Competition Document for the background information about the Study on the Artificial Islands in the Central Waters.
Upon completion of the Competition, will the submitted Entries be returned to the Participants?
All submitted Entries will not be returned after the completion of the Competition.
How can Participants find out the results of the Competition?
Winners from each entry group were selected upon careful assessment by our Judging Panel. Awardees will be notified separately via phone and email. Please visit ‘Latest News’ for details.